Smyler digitalizes all your  events,

face to face & on line !

More interactive convention, seminar, general assembly, webinar, meeting, training, ...  more efficiency, more participation, more conviviality, more satisfaction !

Your audience is our main concern !

Smyler, the 1st application that gathers all the stakes for the success of your event face to face and online !

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participants about the event and communicate the agenda, documents, stakeholders and partners. 


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your questions, comments and photos on the forum, live chat while viewing a document, Powerpoint, … with Live Streaming. Moderate and project all the contents of the event.

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 Inspire, engage and share live with polls, forecasts, draws, quizzes, word clouds, riddles, ratings, live tweeting, … and brainstorm with Post-it notes. smyler

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the participants and organizers of the event, thanks to the profile sheets and private messages.                                                                                                     smyler

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From the promotion of the event to its analysis


 Share the information and agenda, sound out the expectations of the participants. Invite people to download the application, prepare their agenda and organize appointments.


On the forum, participants share questions/comments. Engage your audience with the different animations: chat, poll, Q&A, brainstorming, live Tweet, … Become the catalyst of your community by facilitating meetings and exchanges, and by promoting your participants through summaries, keyword clouds, polls, voting, post it…


Measure the feelings and understand the feedback from your audience by analyzing the detailed balance sheet (PDF), available at the event self-destruct.

Drive full screen live with your smartphone

In the classroom, your smartphone becomes a remote control. Project and control the content of the event on full screen: slideshows, animations, posts, photos, profiles and partners. But it also works remotely …

The live moment is priceless

All of Smyler’s features include sending announcements, moderating posts and scheduling animations.



Unlimited number of participants.


Data destroyed on self-destruction date.


Access with a unique code.

Put the participants at the heart of your event, seminar, meeting face to face and or on line !

Welcome to a world where event participants are always connected, always mobile and are truly invited to participate with simple and effective tools. Your audience can express themselves freely and you control the interventions. Loyalty is built by gaining trust by showing that you care about participants’ expectations. They need to be inspired, pushed to get involved, to feel understood and satisfied.

In face-to-face or remote mode, become INTERACTIVE, listen to your audience in real time during your events, react and live new experiences with them. Ask for their opinion, facilitate contacts within your community, offer smiles, and continue conversations after the event. Turn your critics into fans, turn your audience into ambassadors. By becoming interactive, you transform your events, listen to your audience and offer them a unique service: THE MEETING REVOLUTION!

For all types of events

Conference / Meeting / Training / Intervention / Presentation / Debate / Courses

Seminar / Kick-off / Product launch / Round table / General meeting

Exhibition / Congress / Convention / Colloquium / Roadshow / National Day

Pitch start-up / Hackathon / Investor meeting / Entrepreneur challenge

Sport / Match day / Competition / Tournament / Team building / Competition

Speeches / Inauguration / Forum / Participatory Policy / Exhibition / Vernissage

Festival / Concert / Springboard / Gathering / Rally / Cultural outing

Gala / Student Life / Graduation / After-work / Holiday Club / Weddings