100 % autonomous

Use Smyler independently

Your events take on a whole new dimension.

Organizers, when creating your event, you have the possibility to personalize your space.

Organizers, you can import up to 12 PDF documents downloadable by participants from the web version. (access map, practical information, photos etc.).

Organizers, you have the possibility to import your xls agenda or to create it directly on Smyler. Participants can customize their schedule.
Organizers added

From your computer, create your event (from personalization to invitation), add your photos, documents, agenda, partners, speakers and organizers. Only the designated organizers will be able to make changes.
De votre smartphone, prenez le contrôle des notifications, interagissez avec vos invités avant, pendant après votre événément.
Addition of Speakers

Give visibility to speakers by adding them in Smyler once they have joined the event in the application.

Smyler also gives visibility to your event partners. Fill in their name, their website and upload their logo.

Two solutions from Smyler: manually send an invitation to your contacts by filling in the email addresses or connect Smyler to your Eventbrite ticketing system so that each person attending your event on Eventbrite receives an email invitation to join the event on Smyler.

As an organizer, import your slideshows in PDF format by clicking on “edit” and then “documents/presentation”. Unlike documents, slideshows can be projected and controlled from your smartphone.


Choose to hide, publish, or archive your event’s posts and animations. No surprises on the forum, you are in control and you can schedule your animations in advance.

A last-minute announcement? Don’t worry, your guests receive a notification directly on their mobile (the application must be installed). 

At your event, your smartphone becomes your remote control. From your computer, click on the cross to the left of the name of your event. Then choose, from your mobile, to project your slideshows, questions, participant profiles, photos and partners.

On the Forum, share questions, comments and photos (photos have a maximum size of 10MB). Each participant can upload photos published on the forum.

At Smyler’s, we like games, words and numbers. The survey is a question with several answers that allows us to get the participants’ opinion. Responses are displayed live as a percentage along with the participation rate.

Measure your customers’ satisfaction on any subject.
Word Cloud

Define your event in one word? The word cloud will highlight what most characterizes you.

Multiple choice question. Nothing better to get your participants involved and see what they learned from your event.

Assess your participants’ knowledge with the riddle, defining the desired answer.

The prognosis is a duel, it is displayed with two photos. The participants answer, the participation rate and the winner appear in real time.
Drawing of lots

Once closed, the draw is done randomly by Smyler. The winner is displayed.

Broad profiles of interest to your network? Smyler allows you to network more easily before, during and after the event.
Private Message

A particular question to a speaker? to a guest? to the organizer? Private messages allow you to get in touch with all the participants of the event.

Keep a link with your participants by adding them directly to your Smyler contacts via their profile sheet.