A close support

Have a Smyler agent accompany you to take advantage of innovative ideas, ensure optimal use on the day and increase interaction with your participants during your event. 
The team is working hard to open this service. 
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Agent Smyler accompanies you during the preparation, he is present on the D-day to manage Smyler and gives you feedback.


The agent lives in the city of your event, he proposes ideas of use according to your expectations and personalizes your event on Smyler.


The success of your event is our priority. Agent Smyler knows how to mobilize and get involved at your side to make the experience a success.

The support


The support is structured in 3 phases: preparation / event / debrief. The Preparation phase allows the organiser and the agent to meet to prepare the event on Smyler. On the day of the event the agent is present to accompany the installation of the app and manages Smyler for the duration of the event to ensure excellent use. At the end of the event, enjoy a debriefing from the agent.

The time spent on each phase varies according to the size of the event that is communicated at the time of the order.
What’s an agent?


All our agents are trained in communication skills, selected and qualified by us. A Smyler agent masters the Smyler solution with all its functionalities and accompanies you before, during and after your event. The level of intervention of an agent is either Assistant or Facilitator. All agents are coached and monitored by Smyler ambassadors.

Assistant Agent


An Assistant Response Level Officer:

– aged 19 to 26 years old

 – less than 2 years of experience 

– less than 300 participants 

– 160 €HT/day (8h between 9h and 18h)

Facilitating agent


A Facilitator Intervention Level Officer:

– over 26 years of age 

– more than 2 years of experience 

– unlimited number of participants 

– 300 €HT/day (8h between 9h and 18h) 



Order the intervention of an agent for a local accompaniment on site. You will receive a code that you will give to the agent at the end of his mission so that he can be paid. 



Define in an interview with the agent what you need for an excellent use of Smyler. The agent will prepare on Smyler the elements for the day of the event.



Take advantage of the agent’s intervention on the day to encourage interaction and experience your event 100%. Once the agent’s mission is over, remember to send him the code to validate his performance.